European Birds

European Birds is a sound library containing a variety of birds songs and calls ready for use in any video game or film projects.


  • 180+ audio files in 24 bit 48kHz quality

  • WAV format

  • Includes a wide variety of birds

  • "One shot" and "multi" audio files provided for flexibility

  • Several variants are provided for most sounds, to avoid commonly triggered sound from seeming repetitive

  • All files are metadata-tagged, allowing for easy searching in sound library management tools

  • UCS compliant file naming

  • Available for commercial or personal use without attribution

Includes recordings of:

  • Carrion Crow

  • Chicken

  • Dunnock

  • Eurasian Blackbird

  • Eurasian Blackcap

  • Eurasian Blue Tit

  • Eurasian Jackdaw

  • European Greenfinch

  • European Robin

  • Great Tit

  • Guinea Fowl

  • House Sparrow

  • Wood Pigeon

View a list of included sounds here